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Scalability is synonymous with business growth. And we help you prepare for growth by building your applications on a scalable web HTML/CSS architecture. From cloud storage, cloud hosting, load balancing software to micro-services, we employ all the industry best practices to ensure your application can be easily scaled up and down without much hassle.

Our team builds modern web page templates based on the visual mock ups and customer staff can use the templates to build new pages and modify the templates by rearranging components such as images, text, buttons, multimedia content etc. Such scalable framework provides flexibility to make changes or add sections in the web pages easily without the need for programming changes.

scalability enhancement

new function addition


We work with customer staff to redesign the navigation map and content organization, we will discuss about organizing the content with the help of web page wireframes, visual mock ups and create a navigations sitemap to demonstrate the proposed navigation.

We also propose modern design elements such as multimedia, social media and interactive elements such as forms, interactive chat etc. in order to make the website dynamic and interactive.


Our web team will use technologies such as BootStrap CSS framework which provides mobile responsive rendering of the website on multiple types of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop devices.

Our team will test the implementation by running the website on multiple screen resolution devices and browsers.

usability enhancement

re-branding & re-stratergizing


We will work with customer staff to understand the branding guidelines, what the brand stands for and will define key messaging by using mix of text and graphical content.

We will understand the key goals which customer wants to achieve as part of the website modernization and will propose strategies such as content planning, call to actions, defining analytics goals and conversion points.